Residential Railing Systems

Aluminum Railing is a sensible choice to ensure a safe and maintenance-free railing for many residential applications. Aluminum railing is not just for commercial properties. Aluminum railing is a cost effective and appealing choice for homes as well office buildings. Entry way railing is the most common area where residential railing is installed, but many homeowners also install aluminum railing systems down basement areaways and around balconies. Aluminum deck railing and pool railing are also becoming more popular. Aluminum railing can be simple or ornate, comes in various colors and styles, and creates a cohesive look to any property.




The first step in choosing what type of railing you need is determining where it will go? Do you need deck railing or railing for your steps? Will the railing be installed on a balcony or a ramp?

The next decision should be style. Would you like a modern railing with a square picket or perhaps a cable infill that will not obstruct your view? Don't forget that different patterns and designs can dramatically change the look of your home's facade. An "x" pattern, or Chippendale design can be incorporated into any sloped or level run of railing. Another popular design is the "belly-picket" or Mediterranean design which bows out at its center. Perhaps your ideal railing is not to see it all? Glass railing systems are perfect for homeowners who want a clean and clear view.

Don't forget to ask! Atlantic Aluminum Products has trained design representatives to help guide you through your railing installation. We can help you choose the color, design and functionality of your new railing system.

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