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Pre-Fabricated Screen Panels

Our unique spline and groove lock system is guaranteed against wind blow outs for three years. Panels come pre-fabricated to your exact dimensions. They are prescreened, thereby making installation possible in just a few hours.

Our screen panels are made with quality materials and assembled with craftsmanship. Each screen panel comes with an individual fastener packet and they are numbered and built according to the exact measurements you provide to ensure easy and quick installation.


Screen-Panel Installation Instructions

Step One: Identify correct location of screen panels according to layout.

Step Two: Stand panel in opening.

Step Three: Screw packet contains the following: (18)#10x2"x1/4" Hex Wood Screw, (4) 2-1/4" Quickset Masonry Anchors

Step Four: Prepare for screws - every location in need of wood screws, pre-drill with 3/16" drill bit through the aluminum frame only. Working from the corners, install first 2" screw through horizontal and vertical frame within 3" of corner. Continue installing wood screws with equal spacing not to exceed 30". If installing into concrete, use the 2-1/4" masonry screw. Please note that the masonry screw will require a predrilled hole of 3/16" by 3" deep.

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General Information

Pre-Fabricated Screen Panels

  • Mechanically Connected with all Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Maintenance-Free System
  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Baked Enamel Paint Finish
  • Less Expensive and Quicker to Install Compared to Wood Framed Porches
  • Standard Panels with 2" aluminum framing
  • More economical 1/2" aluminum lip frame panel available for installation into existing wood framed porches.

We build our screen panels to fit your dimensions! In order to understand our customer's needs, we implemented a process by which your panels do not have to be square. By providing your left and right height dimensions as well as your top and bottom width dimensions, we can custom build your screen panel to fit snugly between your preexisiting columns.

Fall protection is no problem! For elevated decks and porches, Atlantic Aluminum will build your screen panel with incorporated pickets. 



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