200 Series Picket Aluminum Railing

Railing panels and posts that are cost effective and reliable. The 200 series railing system is designed to meet all engineering and code requirements while maximizing the efficiency of the material and labor used in manufacturing and installation. Making it the most cost effective & code compliant aluminum railing on the market. The 200 series railing design is Atlantic Aluminum's most user friendly railing system because of how easily it can be installed in the field.       

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The ultimate railing system which marries affordability, safety and classic design. The unique iRail design is an Atlantic Aluminum "green" choice that meets LEED requirements and allows for seamless installation and quick turnaround. The 200 series railing panels are specially fabricated with a modern interlock design. This design allows for individual panels to be replaceable instead of replacing entire railing sections; plus, the panels are easily customizable into any size. Available in a two-line and three-line railing pattern, our 200 series aluminum railing is ideal for apartment and multi-use projects. Architects, contractors and clients benefit from the engineered design that meets current IBC codes while using minimal materials which keep costs competitive. Atlantic Aluminum's 200 Series Railing design is mechanically-fastened with stainless steel fasteners. A maintenance-free electrostatic paint finish is standard, but specialty paint finishes for coastal applications are available.

Panels are available for shipping in standard 4', 5' or 6' lengths and heights of 36" or 42"; call Atlantic Aluminum's customer service department with any technical or shipping questions.

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