Aluminum & Vinyl Railing

Residential and Commercial Aluminum & Vinyl Railing. We specialize in aluminum and vinyl railing systems which meet all current IBC standards. From ornamental, glass, cable, colored and radius railing to standard residential railing we have a product to fit your needs. 

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Increase the security and safety of your businesses and properties with AAP's Aluminum Railing Systems. Atlantic Aluminum's railing systems are 48 State Tested and Engineered to meet International Building Code (IBC) requirements. Our railing is...

Atlantic Aluminum's vinyl railings are manufactured in our state of the art facility by a company that has been manufacturing railings for over twenty years. 

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Looking for specifications for our products? We have an entire specifications directory for most of our products waiting for you!  

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We are pleased to present our 2-time AAP President’s Award winner, Genetta Dykes, as our employee of the month!

Genetta joined our team in 2008 as...

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