Custom Sunroom Additions

When you choose Atlantic Aluminum Products to custom design and build your new sunroom or patio enclosure, your choosing to make us apart of your design team.   Our designers want to help you build "Your Sunroom"; we want to help make your vision a reality.  Few people just wake up one day and decide, "let's build a sunroom"!  If you are a typical homeowner, you have thought about adding a sunroom addition for a least a few weeks, maybe a few months, possibly a few years.  During that time, you've created an image of what your room should be, you've dreamt about how it should look, and researched the materials you want to use: Let Atlantic Aluminum Products help coordinate your ideas to make them exactly what you want.  Our goal is to make a seamless addition onto your home that looks like it has always been there, not just plop a box on the back of your house and call it a sun porch.    

With Atlantic Aluminum, you not only receive a hands on design experience, but you also benefit from our logistics staff who keep you up date on the status of your addition.  We can handle your project from start to finish or work with you/and or a local contractor to provide you with the custom building experience you deserve.   At Atlantic Aluminum our experienced and certified installers will treat your home as their own and with the respect it deserves.

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