Why Aluminum Makes Railing that Endures

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Performance, endurance and reliability are what Atlantic Aluminum Products insists upon from fabrication to installation. Using high quality aluminum is the first step to ensure our customers obtain the benefits of using an aluminum railing system. 

Since aluminum has a higher tolerance to climatic conditions, it does not rust, it does not warp and it has minimal maintenance. Despite exposure to the elements such as rain or temperature extremes, aluminum railing does not rust or warp. Unlike steel, aluminum is not a ferric metal - it does not contain iron. Therefore, rust will not form when aluminum and oxygen react with moisture in the air. Similarly, aluminum can withstand fluctuations in temperature differences. Winter and summer temperature extremes do not effect the structure of aluminum.

Atlantic Aluminum further ensures the minimal maintenance of its railing systems by using stainless steel fasteners which resist rust staining and corrosion.

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