Spring Clean your Vertical Four Track Windows

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Once you update your screen porch to incorporate Eze-Breeze sliding panels, it is important to remember to take good care of them! Like any product, the better you care for the window sashes, the longer they will last and the more enjoyment you will gain from your patio enclosure. Whether your call the windows Vinyl-Tech, Eze-Breeze or Vertical Four Track the maintenance they require is the same. At least once, but preferably twice a year (typically in the spring and fall), it is recommended that homeowners clean the sashes with a mild cleanser (Woolite or Murphy Soap) and apply the "Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative". Do NOT use alcohol or ammonia based products. The vinyl is strong, durable and resists ultra-violet rays, but to resist deterioration and keep the sashes fresh and clear don't forget to clean them!


If you purchase your patio enclosure with Atlantic Aluminum Products, you will receive a welcome packet that includes a can of the preservative spray and instructions on how to clean the panels.

Step One: Avoid ripping or tearing the panels with sharp objects - remove any jewelry or items in the vicinity that could potentially tear the vinyl.

Step Two: Vacuum around the window frame and sashes with the brush attachment.

Step Three: Release the thumb tab catches on the top panel, raise the bottom three panels to the top, then pull down sharply on all three at once. Lower all panels to the bottom panel position.

Step Four: Use a chair to rest the windows on when they are tipped out. To do this, release the slide latches of the front panel and tip the top of the panel toward you, resting it on the chair (bottom of panel stays in track). Repeat with each remaining panel.

Step Five: Rise with clear water. Using a soft cloth and Woolite or Murphy Oil Soap clean face-up portion of the top panel. Spots from hard water deposits from a sprinkler can be removed with a mixture of warm water and cleanser. After cleansing, apply the preservative. The preservative provides a shield which repels dust, pollen and dirt by reducing static electricity. It also reduces smudging and hides scratches. Using the preservative will prevent drying and cracking especially in porches exposed to continuous direct sunlight.

Step Six: Once panels are clean, return to original stacking.

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