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Atlantic Aluminum Products supplies pre-fabricated screen panels to contractors and homeowners. With our easy to use system, Atlantic Aluminum will construct screen panels to fit between your existing posts, fit under your existing header and are customized to your exact measurements.  

A screen panel from Atlantic Aluminum is pre-screened with an 18/14 fiberglass with epoxy coating screen material, but an upgraded 20/20 screen (aka "no see 'em" screen) is also available.

With our specialized screen panels there is no need to be square! Construction is never perfect and rarely are rough openings ever perfectly symmetrical. With an Atlantic Aluminum Screen Panel, your heights and widths are made to match your openings, you do not have to struggle to make your opening fit the panel.

Our maximum panel size is 82" x 168" but long walls are no problem! With our self-mating panels, you have the ability to connect multiple screen panels together to span longer distances.  

Plus we offer fall protection. For porches that are elevated, Atlantic Aluminum incorporates its picket railing directly into the screen panel. We have the ability to set the railing at 36" or 42", or if you have a custom height, let your customer service representative know and we can work with you to build exactly what you need.

We don't forget the fasteners! Each panel comes with its own fastener packet to ensure that you have everything you need to get the job done! 



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