Engineering Behind the Railing

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Principles of Engineering: When purchasing railing, choose engineered systems that have calculated engineering and have been laboratory tested. Calculated engineered aluminum railing systems are evaluated and assessed independently to determine strength. Calculated engineering by itself is not a true indication of strength, but a design tool to create the railing. Only by utilizing laboratory testing, can one understand the true limitations of the railing.

Lab testing should be performed by an independent, accredited lab. Lab testing emulates true load conditions and tests samples beyond set IBC Load values. Not only should railing panels undergo the testing, but posts and anchor details as well. Testing is important to have on file because it represents a worst case scenario and reduces the liability of property owners and general contractors who purchase and install the railing.

Atlantic Aluminum’s railing systems are architecturally and laboratory tested. We are compliant with the 2009 Internal Building Code to ensure our customers have railing which meets and exceeds engineering requirements.

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