The Benefits of Aluminum Framing in Porch Systems

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One of the most asked questions we receive regarding the installation of vertical four track panels is: can I install the panels in my existing wood frames?

The answer is yes, but... 

At Atlantic Aluminum Products, we recommend the use of our aluminum extrusion to frame-out where you will be installing your windows. Every contractor has their own experiences with determining the best method for getting a job done. Over the years, throughout many installations, AAP has learned how to create a seamless installation with the least amount of service issues at later dates.

You may ask: Why bother with aluminum framing?

1-Wood posts, or wood wrapped with aluminum or vinyl expands and contracts in hot and cold weather - vertical four track panels are sensitive to these fluctuations. The expansion and contraction of the wood makes the panels difficult to operate, because the PGT sashes are sensitive to the pressures surrounding the frame.

2-It is aesthetically pleasing. Sounds simple, but it just looks better. The aluminum frames that Atlantic Aluminum installs is an exact color match to the eze-breeze panels. Not only is the color consistent, but the width of the extrusion matches the width of the window to provide a seamless appearance.

3-At Atlantic Aluminum, our installers use stainless steel fasteners that don't rust. Using the aluminum framing ensures that rust trails will not form on the enclosure.


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